Fabrizio FAMÀ

Fabrizio FAMÀ
(HR & Corporate Affairs Senior VP, LFOUNDRY)




Fabrizio completed his degree in Physics at the beginning of 1990 at the University of Pisa. He began working in the stainless steel industry first and then in semiconductor, by joining Texas Instruments Italy in 1991 as process engineer. He was part of the team starting up the 8" line in Avezzano and then became part of the newly created Process Integration team. He covered this role also after the site acquisition by Micron Technology.

He has been getting interested in Human Resources related topics since 1998, taking care of his own education. On 2004 he took the chance to join the HR department at the Avezzano Site as Manager of the Industrial Relations. Later he developed the General Affairs area in order to address the opportunity of a more focused approach with Avezzano's fab stakeholders.
In April 2010, Fabrizio gets involved on the integration of Numonyx's organization in Italy, assuming the role of HR Manager of the sites of Catania and Naples.

Since May 2013 he is appointed as member of the board of LFoundry srl.

Fabrizio acts on behalf of his company into the European Semiconductor Industry Association since 2006 and in 2012 he has been elected as member of the board.


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