Advances in Optical Biosensing Technologies

Open Workshop of the EU funded STREP project BILOBA
Roma, Italy, September 23rd 2015
SAPIENZA Università di Roma, Roma, Italy
Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty

Advances in Optical Biosensing Technologies is a one-day workshop focused on the latest advances and applications of optical biosensing technologies in life sciences. It aims at bringing together the technology inventors and providers and the end-users.

The open workshop is one of the communication and dissemination activities of the EU funded STREP project BILOBA – Bloch electromagnetic surface wave biosensors for early cancer diagnosis coordinated by the SAPIENZA University (

The meeting will review the considerable progress in the field and provide information on the most practical emerging techniques. This is a chance for optical sensing techniques users everywhere to glimpse the latest applications and to help shape the future of research in their field.

A series of invited lectures from leaders in the field will be complemented by poster presentations. Two round tables will be organized at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions to foster the interaction between the technology providers and the end-users. Instrument suppliers will be invited to take part to the commercial exhibition of the NanoItaly Forum that will host the workshop.

The participation to the workshop is free of charge. Pre-registration is however necessary to take part to the meeting. The language of the workshop is English. The poster presenters will make use of the boards provided by the NanoItaly Forum.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the poster contributions is September 4th 2015. Information on the abstract submission procedure will be soon available.

Workshop Chairman
Prof. Francesco Michelotti
SAPIENZA Università di Roma