NanoItaly 2015 - Thank you all!

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Many many thanks to all participants to NanoItaly 2015!

The Promoting Committee would like to express its sincere thanks to all the over 730  participants to NanoItaly 2015, who, by accepting the invitation to join us, made the first NanoItaly Conference a successful event.

In particular we want to thank the over 175 speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise, filling of interesting contents the scientific sessions, and the over 35 chairmen, who managed at the best the dense programme of NanoItaly, comprising 2 introductory sessions, 1 welcome session, 2 plenary sessions, 6 keynote lectures, 30 parallel symposia, and 3 workshops.

Our deepest appreciation to the 17 exhibitors, the 20 industrial sponsors and the 15 scientific patronages, allowing us to make NanoItaly a free participation event open to all the people interested in nano-bio-technologies.

A particular thanks is due to APRE, that organized a B2B networking session with more than 40 pre-registered participants and to the Italian Trade Agency, that supported the invitation of a delegation comprising 9 experts coming from France, Germany, Poland and UK.

Due to the active participation of attendees and to the great deal of dedication by speakers, exhibitors, supporters and organizers, NanoItaly has proven to be a successful platform in bringing together entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, managers, students and investors. We hope that the overview of the nanotech world offered by NanoItaly could encourage the dialogue among representatives coming from different areas and could help to build an integrated community, active in the field of micro and nanotechnologies.

We hope that your participation has been really fruitful and we wait to receive feedbacks about this event, in order to ensure that the next NanoItaly Conference, scheduled to take place from 20 to 23 of September 2016, would suit at the best your expectations.

See you next year!!!

The NanoItaly 2015 Promoting Committee