Via Edoardo Amaldi, 14
00015 Monterotondo (RM), ITALIA
Tel. +39 06 906701
Fax +39 06 90670200
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Contact person: Giulio Lamedica
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Assing S.p.A. is a leading provider of hi-tech solutions and products for industries and research institutes in Italy.

With a know-how of many years in this field, the company is able to offer a Global Solution to a broad spectrum of different requests, becoming a partner which supplies equipment, facilities and services needed for activity development.

Capacities range from design to construction of infrastructures with an high technology content; from choosing the most advisable analytical techniques to provisioning the related instruments; from technical and scientific consulting to organizing training courses.

The company also plays an active role in Research, being partner of several projects aimed to the development of new technologies in the national and international scene.

Assing S.p.A. takes a particular care of the nanotechnology field, offering characterization, analytical and process equipment, of unsurpassed quality, such as: Electron and Ion Microscopes, equipment plasma technology based (RIE, PECVD, ICP) and for optical and electron lithography (mask aligner and EBL), X-Ray Microscopes, X-ray diffractometers and fluorescence spectrometers, etc..

As a complete design and manufacturing and validation of clean rooms for production and research environment.

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