Via Meraviglia, 31
20020 Lainate (MI), ITALIA
Tel. + 39 02 93466503
Fax +39 02 93466520
Sito web www.emme3-srl.it
Contact person: Ilaria Zamproni
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emme 3 offers high technology scientific instruments and with its experience Emme3 is the ideal partner to establish a working relationship, from the early support in the selection of the suitable tool to the steady daily technical and scientific support.

Emme 3 operates in the field of nano technologies offering tools for the samples preparation for analysis by electron microscope in particular with the ultramicrotomes of the american company RMC Boekeler.

The first commercial ultramicrotome with mechanical feed was produced in 1953 by Porter-Blum (Sorval-Dupont), which over time became RMC, with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Today RMC, through continuous research and development of new applications, is able to satisfy the needs of customers that apply in the field of materials science and nanotechnology.

Moreover, last year Emme3 established a partnership with the japanese company Jokoh Ltd., which since 2007 has opened a new division focused on R&D, producing high pressure homogenizers, based on wet jet milling technology applicable to homogenization, dispersion, reduction of particles. Such equipment line: Nano Jet Pal (JN line), have obtained considerable appreciations in the fast growing emerging field of nano-technologies.

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