II.1.1 Ilaria ZAMPRONI (Emme3)
Jeremy REES (Cambridge Nanoscience Limited, UK)                                      
Materials Sample Preparation for TEM - Why choose sectioning techniques?
II.1.2 Vrettos STELLIOU (NanoMegas)                                   
Precession Electron Diffraction Applications in TEM: from crystal structure determination to orientation imaging and strain mapping at nm scale
II.1.3 Giacomo COZZI (Nikon Italia)
Optical nanoscopy: the super Resolution techniques
II.1.4 Cristiano ALBONETTI (CNR – ISMN)
Artifacts in SPM
II.1.5 Livia ANGELONI (Sapienza Università di Roma and Laval University)
Advances in magnetic force microscopy: application to superparamagnetic nanopartiles


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