Two-dimensional materials: what next after the hype of graphene


Despite Graphene sparked intense activity in fundamental and applied research labs everywhere, graphene’s commercial success has not yet matched its hype. As its behaviour becomes more fully understood and its applications explored, interest in graphene is moving towards its composites and more complex heterostructures with a zoo of new and alternative two-dimensional (2D) materials, which span from transition metal dicalchogenides (TMDs) to phosphorene.

The interest in these heterostructures is in the alternating of a zero bandgap material_graphene with various TMDs whose bandgap and behaviour can be tailored by their structure, ranging from semiconducting to superconducting and to topological insulators.

With the aim at exploring what is beyond graphene, this contribution will present:

  • recent advances in the implemented and controlled CVD growth and processing of large area graphene with tailored structural and optical properties;
  • development of novel CVD processes for the van der Waals epitaxy of WS2/graphene heterojunctions;
  • potential of graphene/phosphorus-based heterojunctions;
  • tailored plasmonics graphene/metal nanoparticles hybrids.

We demonstrate that the deep understanding, control and implementation of growth, processing and of interfaces properties is the “condicio sine-qua-no” to vialable technological application of graphene and beyond graphene materials.


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