Carbon Nanotubes - From laboratories to markets along value chains: Chances, Challenges and Critical Success Factors, for CNT based innovations along value chains driven by Hopes and Hypes

Péter Krüger
Head of Inno.CNT – A public-private project cluster funded by the German government in 2008-2014

Bayer MaterialScience AG, Leverkusen
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Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) as very prominent representatives of nanomaterials are known for several decades and they have been objects of intensive scientific and technical investigations for a long time in the recent past. Based on exciting scientific results they have achieved enormous attention and attraction within the innovation community worldwide.

However, the technology transfer from the lab to industrial scale production of CNT took a long time, so that CNT on a commercial scale and quality with competitive prices and suitable properties are just available since few years ago. But despite of diverse highly promising technical opportunities, offered by CNT, and their potential availability the broad successful commercial use of CNT based materials and their applications are currently lagging far behind early expectations.

Challenges in the technology and application development along many different value chains were addressed by huge R+D efforts of private companies and public organizations, including novel collaborative open innovation approaches in different countries. In addition intellectual property related issues within the complex landscape of patents as well as potential safety issues for human and environment can be identified as hurdles for the market penetration. Finally strategies and business cases for CNT provider turned out to become very critical during the past few years.

The presentation will elucidate chances, challenges and critical success factors for CNT based products along different value chains in a strongly hope and hype driven environment.  


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