Marino Lavorgna, PhD is researcher of Institute of Polymers, Composite and Biomaterials of National Research Council. He got the degree in Industrial Chemistry at Federico II University in Napoli (Italy) and the PhD in Polymer Engineering at the Loughborough University in 2009. His main research interests include: a) the development of multifunctional hybrid and nanocomposite materials by using carbonaceous filler (i.e carbon nanotubes and graphene and derivatives) and inorganic fillers (i.e SBA and halloysite, TiO2 and MMT and organo-modified clay) both in conventional polymers and polymers from renewable sources, b) the development of hybrid materials by sol-gel approach as coatings, c) the development of composites and thermal insulation foams, d) the exploitation of ionic liquids as templates and innovative surfactants to tailor the morphology of filler within polymeric matrix, and e) the morphological characterization of polymer nanocomposites by Small Angle X-ray Scattering analysis.

He published more than 70 papers in international scientific journals (HIndex 17 from Scopus and 19 from Google Scholar), five chapters in books and several contributions published in indexed proceedings of international congress. He has the partnership in two international PCTs and one international patent. He has been on behalf of IPCB-CNR institute, the scientific coordinator of several national research projects and international bilateral-projects (CNR-CAS (China) and CNR-AVCR (Czech Rep)). At the moment He is also scientific coordinator of the CNR project Joint Lab on Advanced Materials based on Graphene with the SKPLME-China. He is component of the team awarded of the International Polymer Challenge Price 2007 by VenetoNanotech and Imast scral with the business project focused on the development of new porous hybrid materials for civil and industrial building applications.


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