(Universidad de Càdiz, Spain)




Maria J. Mosquera obtained her Ph. Degreee at University of Santiago de Compostela in 1994. Since 1995, she is a professor at Physical-Chemistry Department (University of Cadiz). In 2013, she has got the accreditation as a Full Professor. She has worked in nanomaterials synthesis with application in restoration of Cultural Heritage for 18 years.

Regarding to her research results related to this topic, Prof. Mosquera has authored more of 50 papers. She has also supervised 5 Doctoral Thesis and several Master and Degree Projects. She has presented over 60 communications to congress and she has been invited as a speaker for numerous conferences. She has also been the senior investigator of 11 funded projects (9 Spanish projects and 2 Andalusian projects) and 10 relevant research contracts with companies.

Regarding to the research transference, Prof. Mosquera is inventor of 7 patents, being 4 of them under exploitation contracts with the companies Tino Stone S.A, Silicalia S.L. and Cosentino S.A. She has also got 4 awards regarding with the transference activities. Finally, Prof Mosquera is in the committee scientific of several international conferences.



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