Vittorio MORANDI

Vittorio MORANDI



Vittorio Morandi
is Senior Scientist at IMM-CNR. His research activities concern the development of advanced Electron Microscopy characterization techniques, the structural characterization of nano-scale materials, and synthesis, characterization and technological processing and integration of graphene and graphene-based materials. He is author of about 80 papers in high impact international journals, with more than 800 citations. He has participated to about 40 international conferences with oral and invited presentations, on SEM, STEM, graphene characterization and exploitation. He is presently Responsible of the Structural Characterization Department and Coordinator of the Graphene Technology Group at IMM-CNR in Bologna, member of the User Selection Panel of the European Network of Transmission Electron Microscopy for Material Science - ESTEEM2 ( and member of the team of the Beyond Nano Electron Microscopy Lab (, one of the largest facilities on Transmission Electron Microscopy in Italy.

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