23 September , 11:30 – 13:00  - Hall 5

The improvement of athlete's safety and performance passes through a thorough knowledge of the motion of the athlete and the loads that are exchanged between the athlete and the equipment and/or environment. However, the measurement of motions and loads has to be as neutral as possible in order not to modify the athlete’s behaviour and feeling. This can only be achieved through micro and nano sensors.
The present workshop focuses on the latest advances and applications of micro sensors in sports equipment, with particular focus on wearable, in-helmets and distributed micro IMUs. To have the right perspective, the workshop is introduced by an overview of the evolution of sensors for study of the Olympic Disciplines and is concluded by the application of new neuroimaging technique for functional brain exploration.
The workshop aims at bringing together researchers, athletes, enthusiasts and doctors that could greatly benefit from these new technologies.

Dario Dalla Vedova, Valentina BecchiValerio Carlozzi - CONI
How the use of sensors changed over the past 20 years in Olympic disciplines

Paolo Cappa, Alessandra Pacilli, Eduardo Palermo, Stefano Rossi - Dip. Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale, Sapienza Università di Roma
Mobile motion capturing in sport session based on Inertial Measurement Units

Vitomir RACIC - Dip. Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale, Politecnico di Milano
Tracking active crowds using wireless inertial sensors

MET bicycle helmets: product and innovation

Alessandro Frigerio, Francesco Braghin - Dip. Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano
Micro-IMUs network for helmet monitoring

Giuseppe CHIARENZA - CIDAAI, Milano
New neuroimaging technique for functional brain exploration

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