LFoundry and the territory: our vision

Fabrizio FAMÀ (HR & Corporate Affairs Senior VP, LFOUNDRY)

LFoundry Srl is a leading specialized silicon foundry with advanced 200mm manufacturing providing special capabilities and knowhow for CMOS Image Sensors (Front Side- and Back Side Illuminated), Integrated Touch Display Controllers , Microcontroller (Secure MCU, Wireless and Power Efficient MCU) and Smart Power (PMIC, RF/Audio, Integrated Discretes). The headquarter is at Avezzano (Italy), with a branch office in Bavaria (Germany). Representative offices in Japan and US are part of the group. Some 1550 employees, most of them at Avezzano’s manufacturing site, are part of the company.

With a capacity of some 40,000 wafers/month, innovative technology extensions, copper manufacturing and strong emphasis on flexibility and customer partnership, LFoundry offers solutions in the technology range going from 180 nm down to 90 nm. Multi-Project-Wafer (MPW) and Multi-Layer-Mask (MLM) are available in order to give the opportunity to SMEs and Universities to develop their prototypes on Silicon at reasonable cost.

Avezzano’s fab comes from a long history, being started up on 1989 by Texas Instruments; on 1998 it became part of Micron Technology Group. Till 2004 the fab has been specialized on the manufacturing of DRAM. Since 2005 the focus has shifted to the development and manufacturing of CMOS Imaging Sensors that, today, is the main production. Since 2013 the fab joined LFoundry that, today, is an Italian company. The mission has changed, of course, and today is an open silicon foundry with proprietary technologies. Since the long history on the territory, Avezzano’s team is committed to provide its contribution for the competitiveness of Regione Abruzzo and its ICT network. For this reason LFoundry (starting from Micron) lead the formation of the ICT cluster of Regione Abruzzo and today, with some of the partners and within the framework of the ICT cluster, is fostering the creation of an open lab aimed to make available characterization techniques needed for the study and development of nano-electronics. As of today, capabilities like TEM, AFM, Raman Spectroscopy and many more are available to anybody need it for its research purposes.


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